Sunday, March 22, 2015

I've caught "Frozen Fever"! Have you?

Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted in a while:( I've been trying to get some things done for the future ....... been working my butt off on the Ginger Breadhouse Cart. Also, I've been cleaning up in my craft room making a video corner of the room:) So, expect some videos soon! Now the main thing I wanted to talk about is....... Frozen Fever! It's the new short film shown with Disney's Cinderella. I just ordered the 2 doll set from the Disney Store this morning. I am really excited to do a video review on them. Has anyone seen the snowgies? They are ADORABLE! I want one of my own!

So as always, thanks to all of my readers!
Your favorite blogger, LoveGingerbread

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hi Everyone!

 Hey everybody! Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was sick with a cold :(  I've been trying to make a few videos for my upcoming posts. So...... please tell me in the comments what you want me to do next........

  1. Ginger Breadhouse Pastry Cart ~ Part 1
  2.  Kitty Cheshire, Duchess Swan, and Ginger Breadhouse Doll Review
  3. Grace Thomas (GOTY 2015) Doll Review
  4. Or leave a suggestion below! (I will try to write back)
So I don't have a post topic for today:( Just a survey. I'm going to need some time to plan AT LEAST a week ahead. I'm going to have to start doing posts every other day until I get caught up:) Bear with me, having a blog was more work than I thought!

                                                                                              Thanks for reading,
                                                                              Your favorite blogger LoveGingerbread928

PS: I hit 36 pageviews! Thank You to all my WODERFUL readers!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sugar Coated!

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to talk (type) about the upcoming EAH collection, Sugar Coated. So let's get started!

First doll in the collection is Madeline Hatter. She is very cute :)
Her hair is different....... they are beautiful loose curls.
I can't find many details on her (sadly) but when she's released
I will go into detail and do a review. From what I can see she will make a great addition to the EAH family!

Next doll in the collection is Cedar Wood. I LOVE this doll! Though I am not wild about her lips. She is just fabulous! Same as Madeline Hatter we don't many details on her.
She is definitely going to be apart of my collection ,and she seems like a valuable addition to the EAH family!

Final doll in the collection is Holly O'Hair.WOW! She looks BEAUTIFUL! By far, my favorite version of Holly O'Hair released.
Just like the others there are not many details on her ,but she is definitely a AWESOME addition to the EAH family!

I would like to announce my latest project.......  I will be making Ginger Breadhouse's treat cart! So, be looking for that soon! There is one more piece in the collection I didn't cover and that is the Ginger Breadhouse set. For information on that refer to my previous post. Thanks for reading!
Your favorite blogger, LoveGingerbread928!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse!

     Hi guys! So today I wanted to talk (type) about Ginger Breadhouse (from Ever After High) a little bit.

     No one seems to know much about her. Just the basics which are: Info given on her profile, her appearance, and what's told about her in The Unfariest of Them All, Kiss and Spell, and her webisode ,"Ginger in the BreadHOUSE". That might seem like a lot ,but we don't know anything about her merchandise in the future!  All we know is that she has an basic doll........ and has a book themed about her. So today I'm just going to tell you guys about what I know and what I've noticed.

     First off, I noticed there are some differences between her cartoon appearance and her doll appearance. As shown below, the doll's eyes are a light brown. The cartoon's eyes are a beautiful
shade of purple.

The next difference is (as shown below) the doll has a pink necklace and the cartoon version has a blue one.

The last difference that I wanted to point out is that the cartoon version has the CUTEST pony tail holders! I was so upset to see that they are not on the doll! It would be the BEST accessory they've ever made!                                                                                             


So finally, I've found that no one knows
about the future for Ginger's merchandise
I've done a little digging and didn't find much,
but I did find a interesting photo on Fanpop.
It's a photo of a Sugar Coated Playset!
I don't know if this is real............
but I thought I'd share!

Isn't this the cutest thing ever!
This is SO ADORABLE! If this is real (hoping so) I will totally do a review on it!
I love the doll. So I'm going to give you close-ups (by cropping the pic a couple times
so don't be surprised if it's blurry).
This is so cute! As I was working with the picture
I realized how adorable it really is!
So thanks for reading! Your favorite blogger, LoveGingerbread928 :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Welcome to my awesome blog!

Hello! My name's Mandie and this is my blog! I will post about dolls. I'm a collector of American Girl, Ever After High, and Monster High. I make tons of crafts for my dolls! I will try to post something every day. I look forward to my first post tomorrow!

                                                                                                     Your favorite blogger,